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Links of Note – Roberto Dutesco

I love Sable Island. I love the idea of it, I love pictures of it, I like to hear about the scientific research that takes place on it (this is my post on the Sable Island Update from 2008), I think it’s all good. The academic in me tells me to resist the romance and embrace the pragmatism, but even “objectively,” the landscape is stunning and the location (out in the North Atlantic, on the edge of the continental shelf) and history is captivating (yes, I grew up in one of those families with a “Graveyard of the Atlantic” map of Sable Island in the basement. We have a ceramic blue nose as well).

I watched a documentary this evening called Chasing Wild Horses, about Roberto Dutesco’s photography of the Sable Island horses. It was intimate, evocative, sparse and poetic. Because we didn’t get to see any of the finished photos until Dutesco was back in New York (he’s best known for his fashion photography), the emphasis was on the process and the experience of being out in the dunes with the wind and the horses.

I’m not going to post any Dutesco images here since I’m cautious about copyright infringement, but I would encourage you to visit Dutesco’s online gallery to take a look at his images of the horses and landscape of Sable Island.

For more information on Sable Island, visit the Green Horse Society’s information-packed website.

The images in this post are from NSARM’s Clara Dennis virtual exhibit.


Spring in the Maritimes

The online staff of CBC Maritimes have an interactive map with viewer-donated photos of the harbingers of spring. They are adding images of crocuses, pussy willows, running water, tulip flowers, and maple blossoms.

(This picture is from the front ditch last April. I checked today, and the pussy willows are just starting to emerge)