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Home sights and apps


This blog is inactive but not defunct, and I wanted to test out the WordPress Android app to see if it might help me create or post content. The first image is of Lawrencetown Beach from MacDonald Hill. The second is of the bottom of Porters Lake and Lawrencetown Hill, with the ocean just beyond. Two of my favourite ‘home sights.’



Snapshot – Canadian Coastguard, Woodside NS

Just as a sort of place-holder on this blog, to let you know I am still here (but generally editing my thesis or out digging in the garden), I thought I would share a photo that is slightly topical to my last post. The Canadian Coast Guard, which administers active lighthouses and still owns many of the deactivated ones (including the lighthouse in my blog header image), has a station in Woodside (for now – I believe they are eventually moving to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography docks).

This image, taken in late April, shows the yard full of buoys and concrete anchors – navigation lights lined up like torpedos and the groaners and clankers (my terms) that you are especially familiar with if you do any coastal sailing and use them for navigation, or any yacht racing as well. In fact, you may have had to fend yourself off with a boathook once or twice, or perhaps had a spinnaker try to wrap itself around one?